Foley Needs to Debate Malloy on NBC-CT—Just Ask Ned Lamont

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Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley needs to seriously rethink his refusal to participate in the debate scheduled for October 23rd, live on NBC-Connecticut (Ch. 30). Whatever the reason, Foley will look terrible begging off participating and the voters will notice. A case in point is former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont, Malloy’s primary opponent [...]

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Gov. Christie says Wisconsin Dem Candidate ‘Can’t be Trusted’ Because of Plagiarism; Would he say the Same About Foley?

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Democratic opponent can’t be trusted because her campaign took other candidates’ ideas and put them into a jobs plan. That begs the question, “Would Christie say the same about his friend Tom Foley?” Christie was stumping for Walker in Wisconsin Monday and slammed Democratic challenger [...]

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Did Foley Lift his Urban Plan from Other Sources?

Milli Vanilli

The Connecticut Democratic Party is questioning whether Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley is pulling a Milli Vanilli with his campaign’s urban agenda, saying “it appears [his proposals] are plagiarized – word for word, sentence for sentence – from other sources.” Judge for yourself. Foley denies he lifted pieces of his plan from other sources. [...]

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