Was Discord Over GMO Food Labeling Bill the Reason for the Unusual House Defeat of Senate GMO Grass Seed Bill?


With two weeks to go in the 2014 legislative session, veteran Capitol watchers are waiting to see whether an unusual House defeat of a Senate bill will affect other business. Will a just-below-the-surface animosity between Senate President Don Williams and House Speaker Brendan Sharkey endanger other bills in this short session of the General Assembly? [...]

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The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Zamboni water fill only

“Apropos of Nothing” is simply a collection of short notes, commentary and observations. The Shad invites readers to contribute their own items. With apologies to Boston Globe sports writer Nick Cafardo from whom the name of this segment was lifted, here we go: 1. It simply couldn’t get any better if union stooge Jonathan Pelto [...]

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